Friday, May 21, 2010

Who else thinks Kelly Bensimon is Crazy??? She still looks fab in Stella and Dot though

The bachelorette trip to St John brought out the crazy in Kelly. While it made for funny tv, it was actually really difficult to see a grown woman unravel like that. Between the ridiculous "Kelly throwing up cuz she has nightmares that Bethenny is gonna kill her" delusion to Kelly's unproven theory that Bethenny was badmouthing her and her daughter to the press to Kelly's gummy bears and lollipop obsession - i'm not even going to touch that one...... WTF????? Something's going on and reality tv editing is probably not helping but wow!!!!

On the fashion front, Kelly has joined the Stella and Dot fan club. Check out Kelly Bensimon in Stella & Dot's Cortez Cuff and Cortez Turquoise and Suede Necklace.

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