Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kim Kardashian's big boobs: Kim Kardashian was the first girl in her class to wear a bra

Nothing is TMI for Kim Kardashian who graces the cover of the June issue of SHAPE Magazine. Just another ploy to make you hate your body.

Oh and and for those who didn't already know, Kim Kardashian has big boobs. According to her, she was the first lil girl in her class to wear a bra....... always the trendsetter, that Kim.

And in her words, "I took a washcloth, made it hot, put it over my chest and prayed, 'Please don't let them grow any bigger. They're embarrassing me."

That must have been before they became 'money makers.' Pick up the new issue of SHAPE......... if you must, to learn more about Kim's breasts.

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