Monday, March 29, 2010

Octomom Nadya Suleman has a park playdate with her kids (PHOTOS)

Only one word will do - Wow! I don't envy this chick. At least everyone looks healthy and happy. Kudos to her!!

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Anonymous said...

Who cares what this skanky welfare ho does.

Could her pants be any tighter? She sure is proud of her new titays - the ones she bought instead of paying the rent. Yuck. She is such a mess.

Anonymous said...

Fashion and Glamour? You're using the sorry excuse for a human to advertise Fashion and Glamour?
You're scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Unless, of course, the new trend is dress and act like a skanky ho.

I'll pass.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how she is able to push a stroller with 3 babies and pull 2 toddlers up a hill with a bad back. Hello....Joseph Lisanti...anyone else at State Compensation Insurance Fund seeing this?

Dixie said...

It says ALL her kids but I see an empty seat and she has FOURTEEN kids so 4 older kids are missing also.

Since she`s bombed every opportunity, I guess we`ll be forced to witness these trips to the park for the next 17 years?

Anonymous said...

Are the babies going to the park just to sit in the stroller? The babies have on socks and no shoes so, apparently none are walking yet. I thought there was a report that several were walking? Did she let them "run" around in the park barefooted?

Peanut Santiago said...

Three of the six older kids were disabled while she lived on welfare programs.

Then she had at least ELEVEN embryos implanted and winds up with octuplets....all for fame and fortune. At least two look sickly and not right.

She escapes her house while babysitters watch the kids.

She pimps out her octuplets for money AND burns through the money while not paying her "rent" (father's mortgage).

Now she is begging for money and opportunities.

As a mother and a human being, she is a BIG FAIL and her kids need to be taken from her. Or she will probably help destroy fourteen young lives!

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